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Hand Picked Natural, Grade 1, Yirgacheffe Cheleektu, 2019/2020


"We linked up with our family at Paradice Avenue Souf for a very limited collaboration that depicts the story of the origins of coffee, with a South Seattle twist. 


We designed a bag that is reflective of the diverse neighborhoods in the world where many of the residents are immigrants from the Coffee Belt. We want to hold up the farmers who make this incredible drink in their true light. The sophisticated process born from indigenous genius came from the mastery of elements as they forged the potion that went on to connect the world.


Our single origin Yirgacheffe Coffee is some of the finest in the world. Ethiopians as the original cultivator of coffee, it’s natural to say that they are the masters of roasting coffee.


Check out,

Paradice Avole Souf

8 Ounces
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